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Engine commonly used in several ways to start

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As we all know, the engine starts need external support, car starter is playing this role. In general, the starter uses three components to achieve the entire starting process. A DC motor which introduces a current from the battery and generates a mechanical movement of the drive gear of the starter; a transmission mechanism which engages the drive gear into the flywheel ring gear and is automatically disengaged after the engine is started; and the starter circuit is turned on and off by an electromagnetic switch To control.

Among them, the starter motor starter motor is the main internal components, and its working principle is that we are in junior high school physics in contact with the law of Ampere law based on the energy conversion process, that is energized conductor in the magnetic field in the role of force. The motor includes necessary armatures, commutators, poles, brushes, bearings and housings.

The engine must be rotated by an external force before it operates with its own power. Engine by external force from the static state transition to the process of self-operation, known as the engine start. Commonly used engine starting methods are human starting, auxiliary gasoline engine starting and electric starting three forms. Manual start with a rope or hand-cranked way, simple but not convenient, and labor-intensive, only applies to some low-power engine, in some cars only as a backup mode retained; auxiliary gasoline engine starting is mainly used in high-power Diesel engine; electric start mode is simple, quick start, with repeated starting ability, and can be remote control, it is widely used in modern cars.


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