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How to maintain the heart of the car - the engine

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Ladies and friends, we are driving at the same time there is no concern to the car inside it? Inside the car, the engine, gearbox, batteries need to get more attention to you, the following Fengda to introduce you how to maintain the engine.

The engine is the heart of the car, for the car to provide power, related to the car's power, economy, environmental protection. This is an era of creativity, the engine designers who continue to be the latest technology and engine integration, the engine into a complex mechanical and electrical integration products, the engine performance to near-perfect level. How to protect the engine life? Maintain good driving skills plus careful observation, lack of fuel to be added, the starter can not be used frequently in the short term, to develop an active inspection and maintenance habits to select the appropriate oil, oil inspection, add and replace, regular cleaning air filter filter.


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