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The Basic Principle and Troubleshooting of Automobile Starter

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The basic principle of car starter:

In general, the starter uses three components to achieve the entire starting process. A DC motor which introduces a current from the battery and generates a mechanical movement of the drive gear of the starter; a transmission mechanism which engages the drive gear into the flywheel ring gear and is automatically disengaged after the engine is started; and the starter circuit is turned on and off by an electromagnetic switch To control.

Among them, the motor is the main part of the starter, its working principle is that we are in junior high school physics in contact with the law of Ampere's energy conversion process based on the power of the conductor in the magnetic field in the role of force. The motor includes necessary armatures, commutators, poles, brushes, bearings and housings.

Car starter troubleshooting:

1, starter does not work

1. The cause of the fault

(1) starter electromagnetic switch does not pull or not closed.

(2) combination of relay damage.

(3) Starter armature or magnetic field short circuit or open circuit.

2. Exclusion method

The starter blue line power column and the starter armature column directly contact, starting does not turn, indicating the starter itself is faulty, (at this time to consider whether the starter grounding is good), the starter turned down, check. Will start the blue line power directly connected with the starter magnetic switch, starter does not turn, that the magnetic switch is bad, replace the starter. Use the manual button to try, if the starter work, the above failures do not have to consider.

Second, starter weakness

1. When the starter switch is turned to the start-up position, the starter rotates but does not reach the speed at which the engine can start. This may be due to insufficient power supply or short circuit or open circuit within the starter.

2. Remedy: can be replaced on a capacity of the battery more than enough, if the starter speed or can not rise to the engine starting speed, indicating the starter within a short circuit, open circuit place. If replaced after the starter is running well, indicating that the battery should be charged or updated.


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